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| Artist Statement

"For me, to paint abstract and expressively means to travel unknown ways, to meet the unpredictable and to be ready for any element of surprise, to face a complex of feelings, to ask questions and to look for answers.

From the very first moment I am curious to find out what the canvas, or paper, are hiding. I usually start with black acrylic, put on layers of color, take some off, bring together visual forms, create collages, work spontaneously and impulsively till my personal story is being told, till it turns into a whole of reflections, feelings and memories. Then I take the painting out of the studio, adopt it, live with it, watch it very closely. Only when I am sure it's done and a whole story has been told, I can share it, and let it go. It's a great feeling to sit in front of a finished canvas. And even more when it finds a new home. That satisfaction really makes me happy."

Meital Polachek lives and works in Sitriya, Israel.

Meital’s paintings are deeply rooted in her personal experiences.

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